Here is another effort to expand upon the stand-alone poems I’ve written on Twitter in recent months. This one adds forty new lines to the initial four.


A late and lonely moonlit eve,

Your dress windswept as if a sail—

Do shadows seem to catch your sleeve

And lead you down the garden trail?


And are there whispers on the breeze?

Sweet nothings spoken in your ears

But indistinctly, as to please

Romantic whims while fueling fears?


Within the wicked, witching hours

Your own transgression past the gate

Presents you midst nocturnal flowers,

Adorned for your appointed date.


And is it by your own free will

That you so often stand alone

When all at once the air grows still

While still you shiver to the bone?


Then is it fear alone that holds you

That forces you upon your knees

That bids the distant shades behold you

Beneath dark clouds and bending trees?


Or is it more than just the weather

That parts the curtains of your room,

And binds you with an unseen tether,

Its anchor on the edge of doom?


Though sinister appears the presence

Ahead of you along your way

Your throbbing heart portends a pleasance

Unheard of in the light of day.


Is this what bids you loose your sheath

When you have heard the darkness speak?

Do you expect it to bequeath

Its secrets to the blesséd meek?


Or do you strive for some resilience

And cling at length to all your cover

‘Til cowed by some ferocious brilliance

You glimpse within your phantom lover?


What mysteries would someone find

By trailing you into the night?

The fits of an unquiet mind

Or hidden truths of mad delight?


And in the fading pre-dawn mist,

Found tousled on the cold concrete,

How quick are you to quite insist

You’d merely dreamt upon your feet?


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